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List Builder popup with email capture field and push notification checkbox will show 5 seconds after page load. The popup can be added to all the key pages of the website. Users can be segmented on the basis of the page URL they subscribed through. Thus, giving you an opportunity to target with highly personalized notifications.

List Builder popup with email capture field will show 5 seconds after page load. Choose from a variety of pre-loaded popup designs. Different display rules give you the control over which popup should appear over which page.

Topline push will appear with the page load. Push important information with the topline push, so that your visitors never miss a time-sensitive notification.

Web Push Notification will appear 5 seconds after page load. Send updates about new offers, deals, blogs, podcasts to your subscribed customers. Clicking the notification will take the user to the intended landing page. Check the click-through rate with our advanced analytics dashboard.

Smartest way to retarget visitors and recover traffic dropping off from your site. Engage and retain your target audience with Pushflew.



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