Target the Mobile User!

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Being able to effectively engage with your users through their mobile device is perhaps the most important skill you need to develop.

Mobile phones and other such devices have now eclipsed the number of users who use desktops to access the internet. Users can receive hundreds of emails that they will read as and when they get the time, if at all.

The beauty of the mobile phone is that it is always with your user. If it’s not on them, it’ll be very close to them. They may not be thinking about your site all the time but if you push the right notification at the right time then they will be.

A push notification to people at 730am advertising your latest coffee brands and grinds is a great example of choosing the right time to deliver your Push Notification to users who may well be on the train or bus to work and be thinking of that first coffee of the morning.

Using Push Notifications is an important way of having direct contact with your users and allow them to interact with you by the simple tap of the screen.

When designing your campaigns have the mobile user in mind when designing your notifications. Ensure your notification stands out.

  1. Use clear images that convey what you are portraying.
    2. Use simple strap lines and descriptions to make the action obvious. “Press here to get 50% off designer watches”
    3. Ensure that the landing page they are directed to is exactly as they would expect.
    Users want ease of use and what to quickly locate exactly what they want. If you are advertising sales watches then ensure that the link takes you directly to a page with the sale watches on it and NOT to your homepage!

If a user feels that the process was simple for them to achieve their goal and that the information you delivered was accurate and true then they are more than likely to use your service again and believe in the notifications you deliver.