> Step 2 : Set up Website Push ID for Web Push Notifications

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Follow below steps to set up web push ID :

  1. For this, you need to first login to the Apple Developer Console. Here, we are going to create a unique Website Push ID for push notifications.
  2. In the Developer Console, on the leftside pane click on “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”. On this certificates page, click on “Website Push IDs” on the left and press the “+” sign to create a new Website Push ID.

  3. Enter a description and identifier. The identifier follows reverse-domain name styling. So you should enter something like “web.com.pushflew.example”. (Note: “web” is added automatically to the identifier). Press “Continue” to proceed.

  4. Verify the details (Name and Identifier) you entered. Click on “Register” to proceed.

  5. Click on “DONE” on the next page. You should be able to see a Website Push Id created in the list now, as in the below screenshot :

Next step : Generating Web Push Certificate.