Pushflew Release – 08 May 2020

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#1 Rate us page will be now seen at the bottom of every page.
The button “Sure, I Will Leave A Quick Review” will lead the user to shopify apps rating page – https://apps.shopify.com/push-notification-app-pushflew/reviews

#2 A dialogue window prompting to rate Pushflew on Shopify will be shown to users when they login to Pushflew Shopify app
– The window closes automatically in 5 seconds
– It can also be closed manually by the user via top right “Close” action
– In addition user can click on “Do not show this anymore” link at the bottom
– Once this dialogue is shown, and If the user has NOT clicked the “Do not show this anymore” link , the dialogue will be again shown after 15 days
– If the user clears the cookies, it will be shown in next login and not in 15 days

#3 “Pricing Plans” link included in the sidebar so that users can look at this information at any time. This will be visible to everyone. This is in addition to an “Upgrade” link that appears in top right if the store is on a trial period or a free plan