Pushflew Release – April 2018

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Voila!!! Pushflew product gets following updates in April’18 release :

  1. You can do Split Testing of multiple Email Capture forms and Push Subscription forms
  2. You can trigger popups at following events : When a user tries to exit your website. When a user scrolls a webpage by some percentage. When a user stays on a webpage more than a desired time.
  3. You can analyse subscription popup statistics. Eg, To how many visitors the popups have been shown. How many visitors have allowed to receive notifications or provided their email IDs. How many visitors have denied to receive notifications or denied to provide email IDs.
  4. You can easily control Pushflew dashboard for all your websites from one account. Just change the website at the top of the page.
  5. Installation instructions added for setup to send notifications to Safari browser on Mac.
  6. Now you can add an Email Drip campaign. This allows you to send a pre-defined sequence of emails to your users automatically when they subscriber on your website.
  7. Now you can add a new website to your account from Pushflew dashboard itself.