Pushflew Release – 21 Feb 2020

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Email Campaign feature has been enabled in this release on Shopify app

It displays 3 email templates in increasing order of the duration These templates will be used to send reminder to email subscribers for abandoned cart

Shopify admin can :

  • Set the interval in which the emails will be sent after a subscriber has abandoned the cart
  • Edit the text (subject, salutation, body, footer, etc ) of these email templates
  • Get a preview of the email that will be sent to the subscriber

NOTE: The Email Campaign feature will point to pricing page if the trial has expired

Bug fixes: PUS-308 :

There were several support issues wherein users had reported that they received 3 email reminders for an abandoned cart within a span of 30 minutes in an interval of 10 minutes. This was a bug caused due to negative interval due to unordered template duration which has been fixed.
Other minor fixes included are :

  • Spelling mistakes in the default template
  • Check for a minimum interval of 10 minutes before reminder can be sent