PushFlew Dashboard Overview

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Once you have created a PushFlew Account you can log into your Account and manage your configurations and campaigns.

  1. Login to your PushFlew account from the PushFlew home page.
  2. You will land on your Accounts Dashboard on the Home page.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of your account and how your campaigns and notifications are coming along.

The DashBoard has 3 key areas.

  1.  The area at the top of the dashboard displays the HTML Code that enables push notifications for your website when not using a plugin.

Copy and paste this code before the ending tag of the pages you would like to add subscription notifications too. This code work can for both HTTP and HTTPS but needs some additional settings.
This is covered in more detail in the Advanced Settings and Plugin Configuration guides.

2.  The next section down shows 8 boxes which show Notification and Subscription statistics. These are broken down into the following groups:

    1. Total Notifications sent and delivered.
    2. Number of Notifications sent and delivered within the last 7 days.
    3. Total Number of subscribers and new subscribers within the last 7 days.
    4. Total Number of notification clicked by users and clicks within the last 7 days

3.  The third section shows a graphical view of your Push vs Email Subscriptions.

From the Dashboard, we can access other key areas where we can configure our notifications to build lists and manage our campaigns.

These are covered in detail in our System Configuration section.