3 Steps to Better Push Notifications

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How do you ensure that your website gets return business when your user is swamped with other services and sites?

The answer lies in having the ability to push notifications to them directly on their mobile device.

Mobile phone use for internet access has now superseded the use of the desktop browser. The good news about that is that your audience will always be close to their phone giving you almost instant access. The trick is to make your notifications stand out from the others and make them compelling to follow!

Let’s look at some simple ways to help you stand out from the others and get a better understanding of the different ways you can use your push notifications to your advantage.

01 Access your subscribers all the time

When sending notifications makes sure you choose your time of delivery carefully. Users are much more open to engaging with your notifications in key parts of the day, for example in the morning on the way into work, their lunch hour and in the evening when they’re home.

Use your Campaigns notification scheduling to target key times to help ensure your audience has the time to engage with them rather than ignore them as they are in the middle of work. Don’t forget that the weekend may also have different requirements for your scheduling too!

If your audience exists in different time zones, perhaps across the world, then team your scheduling in with a Segmentation rule based on location to make sure all your subscribers receive their notifications in their own time zones at the right time.

If you have a worldwide audience remember that Summer in the Northern hemisphere is Winter in the Southern! Keep your messaging relevant!

02 Create clear call-to-action notifications

Push Notifications are a great way to help drive revenue streams but subscribers can be bombarded by Notifications from a number of sites, so it’s important that you know how to make Notifications noticeable in order to stimulate a response.

Be direct. Use an engaging image as well as a simple to the point headline and subtitle to generate interest with an appropriate supporting image to help reinforce your offer. Make sure you use the right URL address that lands the user exactly where your revenue can be realized!

You can check how successful your notifications were by looking at the number of interactions it had in the Sent Notification tab of the Reports & Analytics section in your Dashboard

03 Let them know you’ve updated

Make sure that whenever you update your site’s content you deliver that message to your subscribers as a push notification. While this might seem obvious the trick here is to schedule the notification without causing irritation to your subscribers, don’t bombard them with 10 pushes a day, you’ll only succeed in alienating your potential customer.

While very simple these 3 simple suggestions are a great start to get your customers re-engaged with your site as well as generating those all-important sale revenue streams.